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Is the seal set for the CA1 cylinder available?
What is the difference between the CA1 cylinder and CA2 cylinder?
CA2B80-50Z does not have a magnet on its piston. Does this mean it is impossible to use auto switches with this cylinder? 
Are there any double clevis fittings for the CQ2D20-25DM?
We are going to replace CDQ2B50-30DC-A73 during maintenance. What should we do to attach a D-A73 autoswitch to an existing CQ type cylinder, without changing this autoswitch? 
We were informed by supplier that a switch is not included with the CDQ2B20-10DZ-M9B. Why is this?
We want to replace the seals. What is the part no. of seal kit for CQ2B50-30DC?
We would like to replace CDQ2B32-30D during maintenance. What is the part no. of the current product, which is a replacement? 
We would like to download the 2DCAD data for CQ2_40Ф, but only CQ2-Z is available. Is it all right to use it? 
Is a procedure available to replace the dust seal band of the MY* series?
Is the intermediate stroke of the MY∗ series available with the special exclusive body or is the stroke adjusted by using a spacer? 
How do you configure a circuit in order to achieve intermediate stops of the mechanically jointed type rodless cylinders (MY∗ series) by using valves. 
What are the differences between the MY series?
Have the CY1B and CY1S already completed a model change?
For CY1S-Z which replaces CY1S, is it necessary to select the type of magnet holding "H" or "L" on the model number? 
Why does the carriage of the CY1S product operate completely to one end of the stroke, but at the other, stops before reaching the end? 
Is it possible to produce intermediate cylinders for CY∗ series?



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